What to pack for a Bali Trip

If you are anything like me, the chances are that you might forget a few essentials when going on a holiday trip. I have been in situations where I  wished I made a list of things to take with me on a trip. That was how I used to travel four years ago. Since then I have made a few adjustments and learnt my lesson the hard way. However aside to my obsession about trip planning, I wanted to share a couple of things that you might consider taking with you on your next Bali trip. Believe me you will thank me later, because I wished I did some research before I went to Bali.   

Bali is a hot tropical island so take light clothing

Don't pack your bags with unnecessary warm clothes, clearly you can leave your James Bond shoes at home when you are trolling the shores of  Seminyak Beach. Ditch that winter woolen sweater and slip into khaki shorts and sandals because your feet are going to get toasted if you go barefooted. Bali gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year so you should pack cotton clothes . Another alternative is hemp clothing the texture is similar to that of linen. If you love the adventure want to jump into waterfalls then take some quick drying shorts with you. They will be your best friend if you are constantly craving for water activities. 

Travel Shoes & Light Rain Jackets

You certainly don't need a fancy pair of shoes unless you want to go for ballroom dancing. Depending on which time of the year you visit Bali, especially during the rainy seasons you don't want to wear open faced shoes. A good option would be a pair of running or hiking shoes. If you are there between October and April, be warned that there will be rain so to brace yourself carry some light rain jackets. When going for your travel holiday destination it pays to plan for the unexpected.



Toiletry Bag

If you plan to be at the beach during most of the day when the sun is baking the sand, it pays to put on sunscreen. If you have olive colour skin like me, you need to put  some UV protecting cream, you will thank me later. If you stay in low budget places and most AirBnBs bring with you some shampoo and conditioner along. I have found that prices of shampoo and other bath essentials can cost you upward of $5 and beyond depending on the brand. So if you are a frequent shower user like me, I would pack them before I hop on the plane. 

Insect Sprays

I remember the place that we were staying in Seminayk had a huge swimming pool inside this majestic villa surrounded by trees. But after the sunset and the evening settles in you will hear the sound of crickets. If you are anything like me, I am not a huge of bugs crawling on my skin and also I am afraid of mosquitos. So I had Off Guard with me the whole trip and you can just spray it on you. It's so safe its kids friendly so you don't have to worry about allergic reactions. Needless to say, I was able to enjoy those quiet evenings outside with absolute peace of mind. 

Lightweight Combination Locks

I hate going on a trip and carrying a bunch of keys with me. The last thing I want to upset my travel is to lose a pair of keys. I am a huge fan of combination locks, heck I would buy a T-shirt if it has a picture of combination locks  (just kidding). I can vouch that, they are my best friends when travelling because I can safely lock my checked in bags and not worry about finding keys. I always use the same number sequence so it is a no brainer for me. 

Expandable sports bag

This is perhaps my favourite and absolute must because if I don't , I always end up regretting. Take an extra sports bag with you, it has a multi-purpose utility. You can use it for your dirty laundry , take it to pack a small beach picnic or anything. Best of all if you can use it to haul your extra shopping wight when you travel back. I have even used it as a makeshift pillow.

Cool pair of shades

Okay this is not a surprise when you are going for a destination like Bali. Yes with the sun soaking on your face most of the time, you don't want to give that frown upon look to everyone. Get your pair of sunglasses to bounce off that glaring heat, plus you will look way more cooler if you wear one. 

Portable Selfie Stick

You want to capture that beautiful Bali sunset with your camera lens of your phone, then you need this for sure. Of Course you can purchase them on location paying tourist price but if you have one take it with you. Better you can order it online from Amazon, or any online store (usually you will find a lot of Chineese brands) few weeks before you take the trip so that you will have i with you. A picture says a thousand words so why not make it grand. 

Think I sometimes overplan things which can put a damper on the whole adventure spirit. So it's totally okay if you don't take this to heart, just enjoy the island, because you will want to visit Bali more than once in your lifetime.