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Enjoy your swim with privacy

Enjoying your honeymoon together in Bali and fancy a swim?

Enjoy swimming in comfort knowing that privacy at the villa is assured. No need to share the pool with anyone else. No opening and closing times. Swim as long as you like. Experience swimming by moonlight with your partner. The staff will ensure your private pool is always ready for you.

Roam Around in Bali


Denpasar City: Full of history, the city of Denpasar will impress you with its ever present mix of tradition, history and modern life


Donk Beach: is the most famous beach at the with white sands and cool beach bars. In the weekends take the train and avoid going by car.


Anoi Area: The best place to watch the sunset in a romantic atmosphere and maybe even drink a glass of wine at one of the many bistros.


Dong Ref: Don't miss this great tourist attraction. The famous writer's house will fascinate literature enthusiasts and history aficionados.